Terms & Conditions

Upon receipt of payment, your anticipated delivery date will be within 2 weeks. Our Logistics Department will contact you to coordinate the delivery details prior to delivery. **Customer purchases the equipment AS IS and Seller makes no warranties with respect to the equipment purchased, including appearance or condition. **If order is canceled within the delivery time frame and at least 24 hours prior to delivery, a cancellation fee of $150 per container will be held back from total refund amount. If order is cancelled within 24 hours of delivery, the cancellation fee will be $550. If order is cancelled after the 10 business days because of Seller’s fault, no cancellation fee will be charged and customer will receive a full refund. **Damages and extra charges to delivery trucks and/or trailers caused by Customer’s on-site conditions shall be paid immediately by Customer upon demand directly to the delivery company or to Seller.

USA Containers is not responsible for any damages of the Customer’s property done by the delivery driver ( e.g.: ground, lawn, fences, mailboxes, wires, pipes, etc ). Buyer is responsible to clear out the path of the delivery site so there are no obstacles such as mud, holes and power cables in the way and have a clear area of at least 120 feet for unloading for either a 20′ container or a 40′ container or a 45′ container. Please let USA Containers know prior to delivery if you are expecting bad weather (including soft / muddy ground) so we can postpone your delivery as we want to avoid any possible damages and charges. In case customer does not have enough space for the shipping container to be delivered and unloaded, USA Containers will unload the container as close as possible to customer’s property and then it becomes customer’s responsibility to move the container. Delivery companies cannot spend more than 30 minutes on a customer’s property. Any delays caused by customer for longer than 30 minutes will have to be paid at a cost of $100/hour directly to the delivery company or to USA Containers.

Every Used container will have varying levels of visible surface rust, dings and dents. If having rust on your Used container or the cosmetics of it is a concern, you might consider purchasing a New container instead. Rust on a used container will not generally be a problem if the container is properly maintained and managed. Pressure washing and painting your container will help to extend the life of your container.


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