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Let’s DOCK INN at a beautiful container hostel in Germany

This hostel is located in Warnemünde, surrounded by the local harbor and shipyard. It’s the first upcycling hostel. this project is unique and outstanding.

The containers are painted in 4 different colors and furniture is made of natural materials. The hostel has 64 rooms with a total of 188 beds located in four different types of containers. 30ft HC is transformed into spacious double and four bed room, where two containers are combined together, to create the harbor suites and eight bed dorms.

Interior design, decor and furniture is made out of wood, europallets and other industrial materials repurposed especially for this hostel. In the galley you can prepare your food or read a book, overlooking the harbor.

What a beautiful way of recycling used shipping containers, can’t wait to see more of these and see people understand that we can build a cleaner environment.