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Downtown Container Park Las Vegas


You thought you’ve seen it all in Las Vegas? Well even in here, where you find Venetian canals, medieval castles, pyramids and the New York skyline, this shopping area still gains attention.

Even if you aren’t that interested in shopping, this is one place you need to come and check out when you are in Las Vegas. For shoppers though, you can find a variety of stores to suit your needs. This outdoor shopping space is comprised of shipping containers that have been stacked atop one another. The space is super family friendly, encouraging people of all ages to visit, and kids will just love the 30-ft tree house complete with slide and the electronic interactive light chasing game. Shoppers will find unique stores here instead of the typical high-end fashion designers that you will find everywhere in Las Vegas. Check out Blumarble where they take all the glass bottles and turn them into everyday products such as lighting, jewelry and cheese trays. Art Box showcases the best of Las Vegas designers who put their products on display here for purchase. Other stores include Kappa Toys, Cala, Sassy Boutique and more. Dining options are endless here like BBQ to wine bars to tacos to candy stores. The interesting sculptures throughout the park along with live entertainment, plenty of grass seating, shops and dining makes this a great place to spend a day, and they’re all guarded by a giant praying mantis made from recycled metal.