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Such a beautiful day today


Today it’s a beautiful day! Beauty surrounds us. It is in music, pictures, flowers, people, and pretty much everything else. It is in the smallest and most mundane things we walk past on the street, and in Earth’s most magnificent land forms. Today all things of beauty are celebrated. It is unclear who created the day or when they did so, but by doing it they truly did something beautiful.

When it comes to beauty, art is a form of expressing feelings, beauty and ideas, that’s why some artists use shipping container to express themselves. Colossal stacks of industrial shipping containers have become the canvas for different artists, each of them have painted the towering, teetering boxes in colorful and richly detailed illustrations, portraits and typographic treatments, reinterpreting the shipping structures as architectural surfaces for artistry and imagination.

Who said that shipping containers cannot become art or be part of artistic expression.