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Biggest shipping container restaurant in the U.S


While there are quite a few restaurants participating in the trend, Smoky Park Supper Club in Asheville, North Carolina, is currently the biggest shipping-container restaurant in the U.S. The building, which was completed in 2014, is formed from 19 containers.

Located on a former brownfield along the French Broad River, the Smoky Park Supper Club is a shining example of adaptive reuse and brownfield reclamation. The owner of the downtown Asheville restaurant 5 Walnut, bought the 1.8-acre property in 2011 and worked with a design/build team led by Clemson University Professor of Architecture Douglas Heckler to clean up the site and design the Smoky Park Supper Club. The shipping container restaurant includes a wrap-around deck and will be easily accessible on foot, bike, and boat.

The innovative restaurant features a local farm-to-table menu built around wood-fired based cooking and classic American fare that chef describes as “simple, direct, and live-fired.” The good food is only one component. With the restaurant, the river, and the beautiful environment, Smoky Park Supper Club is a total experience.

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