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π-ville 99 the experimental campus of Korea University in Seoul


This project repurposed shipping container to expand student spaces in Seoul. It’s intended to provide additional areas for the university, creating alternating interior and exterior spaces, balconies, and enclosed spaces for different purposes.

The designers used disposed shipping containers to keep the original, raw surfaces untouched giving the building an authentic recycled look.

The stacked shipping containers are hosting a series of suitable areas for students, the spaces being divided into A-block and B-block. The first block contains the auditorium, the cafeteria, media room and open spaces for different exhibitions. The other block has the studio spaces, penthouse, open studios, meeting rooms and classrooms. The main blocks are connected through a few walkways with wide terraces.

How nice of them to reuse shipping containers for the youth to enjoy and have their own new campus and I bet it didn’t cost that much either.

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